Finance & Admin


Term fees are collected every term (3 months).  

The term fees payment includes payment for Worksheets, Stationery, Art and Craft materials, Insurance, Parent Portal and Light Snack.

A one-time Registration Fee: S$60 (GST included) is payable upon registration. This is non-refundable and non-transferable.

*Foreign Students are required to make a one-time payment of $100 (GST included) as handling fee to the Kindergarten. 


Mode of payment: 


2)Cheque (crossed and payable to “Bethesda (Frankel Estate) Church Ltd”) 

3)Online bank transfer to UOB account 125-305-741-1 (Bethesda Frankel Estate Church Ltd)

Please state name of child and class clearly. 

Baby Bonus

You can pay term fees through the CDA account. 

We are an approved institution under the Children Development Co-Savings (Baby Bonus) Scheme.  The Kindergarten uses the Direct Debit Advice (Giro) to draw funds from the members CDA for fee payment. Parents must ensure that there is sufficient funds for the deduction by the 1st of the deduction months.  

Interbank Giro application forms, duly completed, together with the supporting letter from MCYS or the CDA creation and account details, photocopies of the trustee’s NRIC (front and back) and birth certificate of the child (as in CDA) have to be submitted to the Kindergarten within a week upon receiving the application form.

More information on the Baby Bonus scheme is available at

Enrolment and Withdrawals

Enrolment of new pupils

Registration of new pupils is held at the last week of March of the year before entry (e.g. Year of entry: 2022, Registration: 2021 March). Priority will be given to the siblings of our current children and children of members of Bethesda (Katong) and Bethesda (Frankel Estate) Churches.

We will collect S$60 Registration fee and the January fees. The remaining Term fees for Term 1 (i.e. for February and March) will be collected by mid / end October.

Terms 2 to 4 Term fees are payable by the 7th of April, July and October of the following year.


All withdrawals must be submitted in writing to the kindergarten at least one month before withdrawal.

Existing Pupils

  1. An existing child who withdraws from the kindergarten will have the fees for that particular month and one additional month, including the registration fees, forfeited.  However, if the withdrawal is made on or after 1st September, the last Term fees (ie October to December), will be forfeited as the child is deemed to have enrolled for the whole year (Salaries and CPF for the Staff in the last quarter have to be paid).  Any withdrawal made after 1st November will have the whole Term fees paid for the following term (ie January to March of the next year) forfeited.
  2. A pupil who withdraws during the year and later rejoins the kindergarten will have to pay the registration and Term fees, where applicable, before being allowed to enroll in the kindergarten.
  3. Pupils who have not paid their Term fees for Term 4 of the year (within the specified dates) are deemed to have withdrawn from the Kindergarten and will not be considered for promotion to the next level in the following year.
  4. A pupil who withdraws after 1st October and later indicates that he / she wishes to re-enrol for the following year, will be placed on waiting list and priority will not be given.

For Advanced Registration / New Pupils

  1. A new pupil who withdraws before 1st November (regardless of the starting date) will have only the registration fees forfeited. The January fees already paid will be refunded.
  2. A new pupil who withdraws application between 1 to 30 November (regardless of the starting date) will have January fees and the registration fees forfeited. Refund will be made for the balance February and March fees if they have been paid.
  3. No refund will be given for a new pupil who withdraws application after 30 Nov (regardless of the starting date).  


The school uniform can be purchased from:

S Hassandin & Co
729 Geylang Road (between Lorong 37 & 39) 
Singapore 389640

Tel: 9021 3041 (Mr Hassandin)

Please give him a call first before going to the shop

Colour of uniform:  Maroon

Rubber/ Canvas shoes should be worn. The following pointers will help you to select shoes for your child:

  • Select soft, comfortable and flexible shoes such as those made of canvas or rubber
  • Select easy-to-wear shoes with elastic bands, or stick-on Opti-Lon fasteners which the children can manage easily
  • Avoid shoes with high heels/ hard soles (they are uncomfortable) and shoes with buckles/ laces (children will have difficulty putting on their shoes after activities such as music & movement / outdoor play). 

A clean towel should be brought to school daily. It will be returned to your child at the end of the day.


Application for school bus transport can be made on the prescribed form available from the Kindergarten office. Request for transport will be referred to the bus driver serving your district and he will contact you.

Pick-up points agreed between bus driver and parents will be strictly adhered to unless you have moved to another location within the district.

It is now the normal practice for the bus driver to be paid full fare during the school holidays (May/ June and November/ December). Payment to them is made either in January or December of that year.

Photographs and Video Clips

The kindergarten reserves the right to use photographs / video clips of children enrolled for publicity and/or promotional purposes in our website, Facebook, newsletters and other media.