Session / Hours
We operate 2 sessions :
1st session: 8.15am to 11.15am
2nd session: 11.30 am to 2.30pm

Types of classes
Pre-Nursery: 2 ½ to 3 years old
Nursery: 4 years old
K1: 5 years old
K2: 6 years old

We adopt an integrated curriculum that supports children’s holistic development and artistic and creative potential.

STELLAR Approach to Teaching 
Based on our Innovation Project 2009 awarded by MOE-AECES, we are adapting the STELLAR (Strategies for English Language Learning and Reading) Approach to teaching by integrating the four language skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing through the provision of a “Language-Rich Environment.”

Project: “Art All Around.”
We believe that art experiences are of much value to all children. Hence, we provide opportunities to heighten children’s perception and interest in art and art forms. Children are exposed to art through direct experience, verbal and visual stimulation and are provided a variety of developmentally appropriate art materials and writing tools.

The learning areas are integrated into the art activities. We adopt the “Stellar Approach to Teaching” to describe the children’s art and craft work. This project also nurtures learning dispositions in children e.g. the valuable disposition of mutual appreciation stands out when children give positive comments on peer’s artwork. 


The Pre-Nursery programme is more flexible. It features music and movement, art and craft, circle time, language arts, numeracy, outdoor activities, water and sand play, dramatic play, fun-way activities of learning Mandarin and manipulative/construction play. “Letterland,” a phonics-based approach together with our thematic-based activities and Character Education Programme helps develop and nurture the children.

Nursery, K1 and K2

Our Mathematics programme emphasized the development of fundamental mathematical concepts from the concrete to abstract. We adopt the “Growing with Mathematics Pre- K” programme for the Nursery and “Growing With Mathematics” for K1 and K2.  In addition, we prepare enrichment materials to strengthen and reinforce the concepts.

English language
“Letterland” a phonics-based approach for Nursery,  Ginn Language Workbook and 6 selected readers each for K1 and K2, together with our Stellar Approach to Teaching, help to lay the foundation for children’s formal introduction to reading and writing and develop a love for the language.

Mandarin Language
We have extended the Stellar Approach to the teaching of Mandarin. Children learn the language through Shared Book and Language Experience Approaches, dramatization, language games, stories, rhymes and picture conversation. Children learn the basic strokes at Nursery level, progress to phrases at K1 and sentence construction at K2. They learn to recognize the Chinese characters through the use of readers and this is reinforced with our teacher-prepared materials.

Music and Movement
Singing games and songs relating to the themes for the terms are used to reinforce the children’s learning experiences. Children are immersed in musical activities that emphasize free movement. They learn basic rhythmic patterns using percussion instruments. Stories come alive as children are given opportunities to sharpen their creative imaginative skills through musical exploration.

Art and Craft
We provide a variety of developmentally appropriate art materials /tools and writing tools for children to create and write about the experiences they value. These art materials and tools allow for mastery and challenge – fewer choices for our Pre-Nursery and Nursery children which they can use successfully with minimal help and wider choices for our K1 and K2 children so as to ignite their artistic potential.

The art experiences the children engaged in helped and motivated them towards nurturing learning dispositions, for example, children learn to persevere in a group art project to complete it

Learning Centre Activities
We provide various learning centres within the classroom setting, namely, Mathematics, Language Arts, Dramatic, Construction and Art for independent learning.

Outdoor Activities
In addition to water play, sand play and obstacle relays, the two structured playgrounds provided children with opportunities to learn to move. Learning through the fundamental movement skills contribute to the cognitive, psychomotor, physical and affective development of the child.

Special Activities

Character Education Programme
Children are nurtured in the areas of obedience, generosity, orderliness, forgiveness, attentiveness, gratefulness and truthfulness. These concepts are communicated to them through stories, object lessons, role play and picture conversation.

Practical Life Experiences
In relation to the sharing theme for each term, children make sandwiches, fruit and vegetable salad, fruit kebab and pizza.

Field Trips
Enriching field trips relating to the themes are organized. Besides creating meaningful learning experiences for the children, these trips also result in lasting and memorable impressions in their minds.

Annual Concert
We culminate each year with a spectacular performance by our multi-talented adorable children. This highlight is a feast for the senses and an event parents look forward to with anticipation.