Sermon Series #3 Missions Month: Proclaiming Faith

Jesus’ return (Matt 24:4-14) is certain. The signs of the end times will see the world turn against each
other amidst disease outbreaks, war turmoil and natural disasters that will result in great suffering.
Many will be left hopeless and in despair. Believers will not be spared. They will be persecuted, some
tortured while others face the loss of lives. Yet the worst of all, many will lose their faith and turn away
from God.
However, the end does not come without a complete proclamation of the gospel. Perhaps God will use
technological innovation and light-speed global communications to fulfil his purpose. However, the
judgement of the world beckons, and we cannot sit back and watch events unfold. God calls each of us
accountable for bringing the message to the lost (Acts 1:8).
This Missions month, we consider God’s faithfulness to BFEC and the progress we have made as a church in Missions. Our guest speakers will explore how global developments will shape the unfinished task of missions, as they also share about specific parts of the world where they have a missional focus. This will inform and challenge us about the role the Singapore Church can play to keep in step with this new and exciting journey. Last but not least, we look at what is BFEC’s response to this rapidly changing
landscape and how we can rise up and take the gospel to the ends of the earth.

3 JulyGod’s Faithfulness to BFEC MissionsElder Alex Lo
10 JulyLooking Forward In MissionsPastor Yeoh Seng Eng, Care Channels International
17 JulySo Far Yet So Near, StrangelySister Christy Lim, InterServe Singapore
24 JulyBFEC and The New Missions LandscapeDeacon Willy Ong

Life’s Big Questions

Where is the world headed? Do you feel that the world is going topsy turvy these days with even much more unpredictability? Pandemics, wars, rising costs of living just to name a few. How do we make sense of what is happening and how can we better brace ourselves for what is to come?

If there is a God, why is there so much suffering in the world? it seems inconceivable that a loving God can allow suffering. Is there any purpose and meaning to all this suffering? Why did God appear to turn a deaf ear?

These are perennial questions asked over the years, with all the other big questions that weigh on our minds. Join us for these sessions on Saturday, 16 and 23 July, 7pm to 9.30pm as we wrestle with these Life’s Big Questions.

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Notice of 48th Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Dear Frankelite,

Greetings. Grace and peace to you from God the Father and our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is once again time for our Annual General Meeting. It is the privilege of members to participate in this AGM service not as formal duty but as a time for celebration and accountability. Our Lord is present even on AGM Sunday.

With the latest update on Covid-19 measures, our church services will no longer be categorised as Vaccination-differentiated Services. So those who are not yet vaccinated can now return to the physical services.

As such our Annual General meeting combined worship service this year will be held on-site on Sunday 22 May 2022 at 9.30 am – 11.30 am @ 4 La Salle Street, followed by lunch.

It is the privilege and duty of members to participate in this Special Annual General Meeting Worship service. Let’s come together to celebrate and give thanks to the Lord for how He had led BFEC for the past year.

I look forward to seeing you at the coming AGM and affirming your membership*.  I am confident the Lord will be pleased and all of us mutually blessed.

*Article 5 of our Articles of Association states: “All members of the church shall at such intervals and in such manner as may be required by the Church Council, affirm their membership, failing which, such members shall be transferred from the Register of members to a subsidiary register upon which their membership shall ipso facto be suspended, provided that the Church Council shall have discretion to restore a person where a reasonable explanation has been given.”

  • Online copies of the Notice of Agenda of AGM, 2021 Annual Report & Audited Accounts and Minutes of the last AGM are available for viewing online at
  • Printed copies of the above AGM documents are also available for members. Please sign for it at the church office. (One copy per family)  
  • In the interest of giving more opportunities for prayerfully considered questions and answers within the constraints of time during the AGM, the  Council invites members who have questions/suggestions to submit them in writing to the Church Secretary either by hand or by email to, by 14 May 2022. Remember to include your full name. During the AGM, priority will be given to oral clarifications arising out of answers to pre-submitted questions.      
  • Creche, KSS, JSS operate from 9.30 am to 11.30 am.
  • Youths will join in this service.
  • Chinese Service members will jointly participate in this service from the Chapel (via video link at 10.30 am).
  • Regular Frankelites who are non-members are all welcome to join in this AGM service.
  • As before, the AGM will end with a lunch fellowship

In Him,

Elder Danny Chua, 
Chairman, Bethesda Frankel Estate Church

Sermon Series #2 Proverbs: “Wisdom For Life”

Proverbs is practical biblical wisdom for living well in this world. It instructs us to think and do rightly
in our personal lives and in relation to others, in recognition and reverence of the God who created
the world and His rules for it. In this sermon series, we explore the principles of godly wisdom and
how they apply to important topics such as (i) family, (ii) friendship, (iii) words, (iv) work/sloth, (v)
anger and (vi) humility/pride. Proverbs is truly wisdom for life, and may we be blessed as we learn
from it.

DateTopic Speaker
1 MayWisdom For Life: Come And Get ItElder  Jason Sin
8 MayThe True Wonder WomanElder Jason Sin
15 MayWisdom and the FamilyPs David Wong (Zion Bishan Bible-Presbyterian)
22 May AGM Sunday (Open Topic)Elder Danny Chua
29 MayBest Friends ForeverCo-Opted Elder Jonathan Cho
5 JunWisdom and WordsDr Tan Soo- Inn (GraceWorks)
12 JunWisdom and WorkElder Ethan Pang
19 JunWisdom and WrathBro Kenneth Wong (Bethesda Ang Mo Kio)
26 JunWisdom and HumilityElder Caleb Chua Soon Boon

Baptism and Membership Class #1 (1, 8, 15 and 22 Mar) with Baptism on Easter Sun 17 April

Baptism is a public proclamation of our faith, that we will follow Jesus as Lord, having believed in Him as the One who died for our sins to be reconciled to God.
Come attend the 4 online baptism classes to prepare yourself & clarify your convictions as we learn more about how to grow & serve together in this BFEC community.
The classes will be conducted online, Tue nights 8 – 9.30 pm.

Membership Transfer: You only need to attend 2 sessions on 15 and 22 March. However, you are encouraged also to attend the first 2 sessions.
Application form for Baptism/Membership or
Email completed form to by 27 Feb.

Sermon Series #1 “Jesus, Our Supreme and Sufficient Saviour”

Sermon Series #1 “Jesus, Our Supreme and Sufficient Saviour”


The book of Hebrews was addressed to believers who had put their hope in Christ, but were daunted by the reality that following him did not mean less but may even entail greater suffering and hardship. How should Christians in similar circumstances today respond?

As Hebrews exhorts us, we must not give up, but hold fast to Jesus, our supreme and sufficient Saviour.  And as we hear the message of Hebrews in the weeks ahead, may the Lord help us indeed to “hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful.”

No.DateBible ReferenceSpeaker  
1.9 Jan1:1-4  Deacon Jason Sin
2.16 Jan1:5-2:4  Deacon Jason Sin
3.23 Jan2:5-18  Deacon Lee Yen Ter
4.30 Jan3:1-4:13  Bishop Dr Robert Solomon
5.13 Feb4:14-5:10  Co-Opted Elder Jonathan Cho
6.20 Feb5:11-6:20  Elder Caleb Chua Soon Boon
7.27 Feb7:1-28  Elder Ernest Chew
8.6 Mar8:1-13  Elder Ernest Chew
9.13 Mar9:1-28  Elder Danny Chua
10.20 Mar10:1-18  Elder Melville Szto
11.27 Mar10:19-39  Elder Jimmy Tan or Co-opted Derek Pang
12.3 Apr11:1-12:2  Elder Jimmy Tan or Co-opted Derek Pang
13..10 Apr12:3-29  Elder Melville Szto
14.24 Apr13:1-25  Kenneth Wong

** 6 Feb 2022: Chinese New Year Combined Bilingual Service (Open Topic)

Glow 2021

“the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light, and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death, on them a light has dawned.” (Matt 4:16)

No matter what party size we’re restricted to this Christmas, we can still Go Light Our World in 3 ways. Click through to read how, and links to register are below!


Register for GLOW-HOME ON ZOOM (organized by 40:31):

Volunteer to Glow-Visit the isolated and needy:

Sign up for carolling as part of the Glow-Home Kit:

Buy cookies/log cake from KS Cafe for your GLOWHOME meal:

Contact Siew Hian to do contactless delivery of Bentos to New Hope Clients

For any other GLOW related enquires, please email