Volunteering with Kampung Siglap

Kampung Siglap (KS) hopes to change lives by giving real life skills to low-income families trapped in the poverty cycle to help them cope and break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

New Hope Community Services (NHCS) has observed over the years that maximum participation and impact is achieved through family retreats and camps, hence the setting up of Kampung Siglap Life Skills & Retreat Centre.

Bethesda Frankel Estate Church (BFEC) is partnering with NHCS to minister to the families that come to Kampung Siglap. Kampung Siglap is situated at the former Siglap Primary School premises and next door to Bethesda Frankel Estate Church. Through this close proximity, we hope to provide sustained engagement and build relationships through Kampung Siglap to help low-income families break out of their poverty cycle.

To find out more about New Hope Community Services, please visit https://www.newhopecs.org.sg

To find out more about Kampung Siglap, please visit https://www.kampungsiglap.com/u

How can we help?

Volunteer at NHCS led retreat programs for families, individuals or children/youths as:

  • a befriender
  • part of the program team
  • male chaperones

and/or be involved in BFEC led community engagements:

  • Community Gardening (every Sat morning 8.30am – 11.30am)
  • Gardening Workshops 
  • Black Ops (Nerf) – Donations of guns, bullets, vests, goggles 
  • Tchoukball exhibition game and club formation
  • Music/Ukelele program
  • Others (such as engaging alumni of Siglap Primary School, etc.)

If you wish to volunteer your time and services, please sign-up at https://bfec.sg/ksvolunteer

or if you wish to find out more, please contact Ethan, Siew Hian or Kelvin at ksmc@bfec.org.sg