Psalm 1 (Wisdom Psalm): No Two Ways About It


The live stream for this service will begin at 8.45 AM on Sunday 04 Oct 2020. The service will begin proper at 9 AM.


As the global pandemic rages on, many remain fearful and disoriented by the prospect of mounting infections, job losses, social misery and political unrest. We are told these are part of the new normal.

As Christians, how are we coping? What do we trust in and hope for in a time such as this? The book of Psalms teaches God’s people to call and even cry out to Him, for true hope and assurance are found in the Lord alone.

It is thus timely that in this year’s BFEC Churchwide journey, we will explore a selection of Psalms that give voice to our hopes and fears, and focus our hearts and minds where they ought – on God and our Saviour Jesus Christ, our only hope in life and death.

So join us on this journey as we pray and sing the Psalms together unto the Lord, for He is good and his steadfast love endures forever! In Christ, indeed, God has given us a new song!


After the service, let’s continue to meditate on the truths of Psalm 1 in the coming week! In line with that I pray you’ll be blessed by these Playlists featuring songs inspired by Psalm 1.

Spotify Playlist (paid account required):

YouTube Playlist: