Recognise & Reject Idolatry; Worship God Only (Isa 46:1 – 47:15)


The prophecy of Isaiah addressed sinful Judah. They had forsaken the Lord and thus suffered God’s judgement by the Babylonians. In Isa 40 -55 (which we are covering for the first half of the year), God spoke to the future of the people of Judah. Despite their sinfulness, God would not abandon them. He wanted them to trust in Him, reminding them of His majestic sovereignty over the world, and His steadfast love and commitment to them. A 2nd & greater exodus is promised through the Servant of the Lord. Isaiah’s message is still relevant today. He calls us to trust and hope in Him for the salvation which His Servant has accomplished and to be ready to depart in the new exodus. Will we listen and obey Him?